Growth is at the very heart of SIG’s strategy, our Corporate Compass. It is our dream to see “Every consumer in the world with a SIG pack in their hand, and a smile on their face, every single day.”

We aspire to make SIG-packed products accessible to everyone, everywhere, offering a great way to enjoy healthy, great-tasting food and beverages. Our dream goes hand-in-hand with our purpose: working in partnership with our customers to bring food products to consumers across the world in a safe, sustainable and affordable way. Our ambition is to be the leading solution provider for the Growth is at the very heart of SIG’s strategy, our Corporate Compass. It is our dream to see “Every consumer in the world with a SIG pack in their hand, and a smile on their face, every single day.” food and beverage industry, fullfilling our promise of “Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered.”

The three strategic goals in our Corporate Compass are to “Grow above market”, “Win at the customer” and “Foster a winning team” – each inextricably linked with the other two.


Grow above market

Over the last 10 years, we have steadily invested and built up our presence in growth markets. This began with our initial expansion from Europe into Asia-Pacific, followed by our Middle East joint ventures and expansion into the Americas. Today growth markets represent over 50% of our business and we are well placed to drive their further expansion.

Broadening our global footprint by bringing added value to “white space” geographies
We continue to expand our business in attractive geographies where we have little to no presence so far.

In 2018, the first SIG filling lines were placed in India, which represents the second largest aseptic carton market in APAC. We also entered Japan, the third largest aseptic carton market in the region, through a joint venture with Dai Nippon Printing (“DNP”). DNP has been developing and marketing carton packs and filling systems for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in Japan since 1978, and many food and beverage manufacturers are also using DNP’s aseptic PET filling system. The Company is ideally positioned in Japan, with substantial experience in the field of aseptic technology through its network of highly qualified service technicians and established connections with all major companies in the food and beverage industry.

In South America, we are expanding into countries beyond Brazil, leveraging our existing Brazilian manufacturing infrastructure, and have placed several filling machines.

Solutions for the rising billions as well as for fastgrowing trend products
Our solutions increasingly tap into the rapidly expanding segment of the rising billions. The flexibility of our system in combination with special sleeve compound structures allows customers to deliver affordable solutions and to hit the right price points in markets such as India, Bangladesh and rural South East Asia.

At the other end of the spectrum, our technology is enabling us to drive growth beyond the traditional liquid dairy and non-carbonated soft drinks segments. Following key food and beverage product trends, we continue to penetrate fast-growing, premium-priced categories such as plant-based dairy alternatives, dairy- or juice-based drinkable snacks and breakfasts, warm or hot on-the-go drinks, flavoured or functional waters, protein or sports drinks and nutraceuticals.

With innovative product and packaging solutions such as drinksplus, Heat&Go, combismile or combidome we are well positioned to grow in these trend categories. Furthermore, the unique format, size and filling flexibility of our sleeve-fed technology caters well to the needs of co-packing companies that often serve smaller, innovative brands which are driving category growth.

In 2018, our differentiated technology enabled us to win contracts to supply packs for a number of fashionable new brands and products. These included dairy and non-dairy creamers and beverages in the USA as well as launches in the growing vegetable drinks market in Brazil. In China, combismile was selected as the ideal partner for innovative milkshakes and yogurts with fruit pieces.

Win at the customer

To win at the customer, we need to provide a great solution, with the right quality on time and at the right price point.

We deliver winning solutions to our customers and support them all the way from marketing research and concept development to prototyping and testing, helping them create innovative and differentiated food and beverage products. By combining engineering know-how with advanced technology, we help to transform filling plants into smart and connected factories. And with new digital technologies and intelligent marketing tools, we can turn physical packs into interactive brand tools that ensure new levels of transparency, traceability and consumer engagement. Read about how we do this in “Innovation”.

At the same time quality and excellent delivery are paramount, especially in the field of aseptic packaging and sensitive dairy and food products. We accomplish this through our time-tested, highly engineered sleeve system with our filling line at the core and a world class service network. Our service engineers are present across the world and are closely embedded in our customers’ operations, ensuring that the filling machines meet sterility standards and run with maximum efficiency. They receive extensive training at our five training centres located in Germany, Brazil, Thailand, China and UAE. Our supply chains are equally strong. Being close to our customers helps us to ensure on-time deliveries, drawing on our global network of plants and suppliers.

These attributes allow us to deliver the right product at the right time with the right quality, and are the foundation for strong, long-lasting partnerships that often span decades and serve as reference points for new customers.

Foster a winning team

We understand that the capabilities and know-how as well as the ideas and motivation of our employees are prerequisites for our success. We need to engage, reward and develop talented colleagues with diverse perspectives to help us support customers across different markets.

Read about how we do this in “Our Team”