Our unique technology



The unique advantages of the SIG offer lie in our proprietary filling technology and sleeve-based system. We provide our customers with a system comprising the filling machine, sleeves, closures and service, designed as a whole and seamlessly integrated for optimal quality and efficiency.

We offer a range of packaging formats, volumes and opening solutions, providing our customers with more than 270 packaging options. Currently our customers fill more than 10,000 food and beverage products into our packaging solutions.

Our integrated system is sold through a razor/razor blade model. We deliver to our customers precision-engineered filling lines that consist of filling machines, applicators for spouts or straws as well as downstream equipment such as conveying technology and buffer tables. At the same time, we enter into long-term contracts with customers under which we sell the sleeves, closures and service. These contracts generate predictable and recurring revenue streams.

Our proprietary filling machines are at the core of our customers’ operations. Through our sleeve-fed filling system, we offer a high level of flexibility in terms of fast change-over times between carton sizes and shape formats. This limits change-over downtime and allows for greater asset utilisation for many customers. Our system offers a high level of reliability as well as low waste rates for both the packaging and the filled product.

Our aseptic carton sleeves are lightweight and durable, utilising a proprietary layered technology to block out light and oxygen. The sleeves are produced through extrusion of the laminate structure followed by the printing of each customer’s required design, precise creasing with folding lines and cutting into individual sleeves, which are then delivered to the customer.

Our unique sleeve system enables our customers to fill a wide range of products with different viscosity levels and particulates, chunks and pieces. Consumers can enjoy milk, yogurt and drinks with fruit or cereal pieces as well as chunky soups or passata with tomato chunks. We plan to further leverage our particulates filling capabilities, which we believe create opportunities in new segments as the distinction between food and drinks becomes increasingly blurred, driven by an on-the-go lifestyle and the rapid growth of channels that cater to this lifestyle.