Our team


We have a highly engaged workforce and high-performing team. For them we want to be the best employer in the industry and beyond. We aim to create an environment where each of our more than 5,000 employees worldwide is engaged in the business, fairly rewarded and recognised for the work that they do, given equal opportunities regardless of their background and able to develop their full potential at SIG.

Talent development

To realise our potential as a company, it is crucial to foster employee development and create a talent pool of future leaders. Our Company offers a vast range of positions, which are as individual as our people. We aim to match the skills of each employee to the opportunities within the Company and to continuously improve the way we address employee needs. We undertake to give every employee the chance to take part in internal or external training programmes, and training requirements are identified as part of the yearly review process. Our training concept consists of four campuses that are dedicated to leadership, continuous improvement, basic know-how and expert knowledge. The Leadership Campus, for example, teaches the SIG Leadership Model so that transformational leadership becomes our common leadership philosophy.

Employee reward and recognition

To increase employee motivation and our attractiveness as an employer, we ensure that performance is recognised and rewarded in a fair and transparent manner. It is our policy to remunerate employees in line with existing market practice. We benchmark our remuneration approach against other companies to ensure that our remuneration packages are competitive in each of our markets. Pay is and will be increasingly linked to performance.

Employee engagement

By creating an engaging and energising working environment, we aim to enable our employees to unfold their full potential and to improve their workplace experience. By listening to our employees and responding to their views, we help to sustain high levels of job satisfaction. To further foster engagement, we survey employees and analyse their needs in order to formulate and implement concrete measures.

Surveys are conducted biennially and in 2016 we identified three crucial levers for employee engagement: Operational Efficiency, Performance Management and Leadership. Based on our employees’ feedback requesting more interaction with SIG’s leadership, we introduced new engagement formats giving employees an opportunity to receive regular updates by video conference from the leadership team as well as on-site, to hear from and interact with our CEO and other C-suite executives directly, and to ask about the issues that matter most to them. Employees can also suggest questions for the CEO via our intranet and the most voted for questions are answered each month. In 2018, our overall global KPIs (eNPS and Sustainable Engagement Score) improved versus the 2016 survey.

Employment and labour rights

The SIG Code of Conduct addresses ethical and legal principles in general, while the SIG Business Ethics Code sets out more specific principles regarding employment and labour rights. Employees are encouraged to report any violation of the principles through the SIG Ethics & Compliance Hotline or any available channel. As part of our Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) membership, all our production sites undergo SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) 4-pillar audits on a regular basis.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Creating a diverse workforce with equal opportunities for everyone has always been a priority for SIG. Diversity and inclusion has increased in importance for our business and our stakeholders. We have started establishing a diversity and inclusion strategy with an overarching vision and governance, as well as a dashboard allowing us to identify opportunities and set targets to measure our progress in creating a diverse and inclusive culture. Our aim is to prevent discrimination on any grounds and to create an inclusive workplace where a range of nationalities and cultures are represented, and where there are equal professional opportunities regardless of gender, age or disability. We also included diversity questions in our employee survey to understand how we are doing from our employees’ perspective. Of those surveyed, the vast majority agreed that people are treated fairly at SIG regardless of their gender, nationality or ethnic background.