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SIG AND SO+MA in brazil

Innovative programme to reward recycling


  • Turning waste into essentials for low-income communities
  • Partnership to support the collection and recycling of beverage cartons
Innovative programme to reward recycling

SIG’s innovative partnership with the social enterprise so+ma in Brazil is promoting recycling by enabling people in the city of Curitiba to exchange waste packaging for reward points they can use to pay for food and other essentials – or for training courses. Reward points are earned based on the weight of waste collected. In 2019, over 81,000 kg of material were received.

The so+ma partnership aims to stimulate a change in attitudes by demonstrating the value of recycling to individuals and communities.

"The idea of rewarding people is very clever. It is an innovative green exchange. We are launching a solution that is adding value for people, offering vocational courses that will help families, young people and the unemployed advance and improve their quality of life.”

Rafael GrecaMayor of Curitiba