Growth to meet consumer demands

A New Generation

of on-the-go packaging

All over the world, consumers are demanding products that support their mobility and their way of healthy living, allowing them to portray their individual personality. These trends form the main requirements for packaging, especially when it comes to premium products. To capture this value, SIG targets the premium product market and has developed combismile to cater to these trends, fulfilling our customers’ need for differentiation and convenience and satisfying their consumers.

combismile’s rounded shape, with grip corners at the back, a slanted top and a reclosable, single-action closure is designed to stand out on shelf. It also sits comfortably in the consumer’s hand and is ideal for on-the-go consumption. And consumers agree – tests show that 90% believe it is a handy package and 70% choose combismile first from the shelf over other packages.

combismile comes in two sizes, with a total of 18 different variants, underlining SIG’s flexibility advantage. It is also part of our end-to-end solution approach in which we produce and deliver sleeves, closures, high-speed filling machines, and closure and straw applicators. combismile filling machines come with the drinksplus kit, making it possible to aseptically fill carton packs with beverages containing pieces of fruit, vegetables, nuts or grains – adding extra value and allowing customers to offer premiumised products such as milk drinks with cereals for breakfasts on-the-go.

We successfully launched combismile in China at the end of 2017. Since then, our customers have launched more than 12 new added-value products in China. Eight new products are about to hit the US market, and penetration of additional markets such as South Africa and South America will follow in 2019.

Following our close cooperation with the team at SIG, we quickly found the ideal innovative solution. combismile not only ensures stand out on-shelf due to its unique shape and elegance, but it clearly shows the high product quality and offers our mobile consumers unmatched on-the-go convenience.

Wei Wang
Vice President at Yili1

1Yili is one of the ten largest dairies in the world