Growth into new geographies

Growing in India

bringing new solutions to the world’s largest milk market

India is the largest milk producer in the world with around 20% of global production1. At the same time, consumption of non-carbonated soft drinks is rising fast.

Young middle-class urban consumers are shaping the demand for modern products in India and they are changing the requirements of the food and beverage industry. They want beverages that are healthy, nutritious and conveniently packaged so that they can enjoy them on-the-go. With SIG’s product and packaging solutions, producers in India have significantly more scope to meet these requirements. In particular, the drinksplus solution and the volume flexibility of SIG’s filling machines enable them to create completely new product segments.

Kandhari Beverage Ltd., a bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company India, is the first company to provide innovation and product differentiation in the Indian market with SIG’s solutions. Kandhari has opted for a SIG high-performance filling machine with drinksplus option, which is suitable for aseptically filling small-format carton packs in up to nine different volumes from 80 to 200ml. The different pack sizes make basic products affordable for consumers with lower incomes, while also allowing for premium products for people with higher incomes. Using one and the same filling machine, the package size can be flexibly adapted to changes in consumer purchasing power. With the drinksplus option, the manufacturer can also aseptically fill beverages with value-adding extras such as fruit or vegetable pieces, nuts or cereal grains.

1 Source: FAO

Young, middle-class urban consumers are shaping the demand for modern food and beverage products in India. With SIG’s product and packaging solutions, manufacturers have significantly more flexibility and scope to meet these requirements.

Vandana Tandan
Country Manager India at SIG